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Physical as well as mental exercise is extremely essential for Doberman Pinscher and hence, it is advised that you take him for a walk on a daily basis. Even when you cycle or jog, it could accompany you. You can also give it good mental exercise by playing some games like hide and seek. This is also an important part of training. High and good quality food is required for this breed of dog and you should provide with good portions of food on a daily basis.

This breed of dog will often be prone to bloating and this is usually known as gastric torsion. This ideally means that the stomach gets twisted and will lead to cutting off of the blood supply. This could be encountered anytime and only with emergency surgery, your pet will be saved. One of the best ways to avoid this is to feed your dog with small portions of food many times a day instead of giving the food at once. Withholding water for sometime after dog eats is also suggested. Also, it is suggested not to feed the dog an hour before the exercise.

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Doberman Pinscher Temperament and Training photo. Doberman Pinscher Diet and Feeding. X lbs Puppies 0 Months. Take into account pregnant or nursing dogs. Fromm Gold — Duck, Chicken and Lamb. Click here.

Top Human Foods For Dogs. Top 12 Best Dog Harnesses. Top 20 Best Dog Beds. Another common skin disease called seborrhea can cause dry, flaky skin or greasy, oily skin. Skin diseases make your pet itchy and uncomfortable. Much of what you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy is common sense, just like it is for people.

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Be sure to adhere to the schedule of examinations and vaccinations that we recommend for her. Another very important step in caring for your pet is signing up for pet health insurance. There will certainly be medical tests and procedures she will need throughout her life and pet health insurance will help you cover those costs. Build her routine care into your schedule to help your Dobie live longer, stay healthier, and be happier during her lifetime.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of a proper diet and exercise routine. Any abnormal symptom could be a sign of serious disease or it could just be a minor or temporary problem. The important thing is to be able to tell when to seek veterinary help and how urgently. Many diseases cause dogs to have a characteristic combination of symptoms, which together can be a clear signal that your Doberman Pinscher needs help.

Give us a call for an appointment if you notice any of these types of signs:.

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Seek medical care immediately if you notice any of these types of signs:. Visit our office to get the latest in top-quality veterinary care along with unparalleled service. Skip to main content. After Hours Emergency. Call Us. Doberman Pinscher. The Distinctive Dobie With a reputation for vigilance and loyalty, the Doberman Pinscher could be great for your family for several reasons: Energetic and playful An affectionate companion and family dog Obedient and devoted Easily motivated and trainable Protective; an excellent guard dog Large, strong, and athletic But take care to accentuate the positives, and be aware of these characteristics: Can be aggressive, fearful, or snappy if not socialized properly Requires vigorous, frequent exercise and space to run Prone to boredom and separation anxiety, with associated chewing and howling behaviors Can be rambunctious and rowdy, especially as a puppy Overprotective of family and territory if not socialized properly Sensitive, matures slowly The Doberman is well known as a brave guardian and noble companion.

Your Doberman Pinscher's Health We know that because you care so much about your dog , you want to take good care of her. Infections Doberman Pinschers are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections — the same ones that all dogs can get — such as parvo, rabies, and distemper. Obesity Obesity can be a significant health problem in Doberman Pinschers. Parasites All kinds of worms and bugs can invade your Dobie's body, inside and out. Spay or Neuter One of the best things you can do for your Doberman is to have her spayed neutered for males.

Genetic Predispositions for Doberman Pinschers Heart Disease Doberman Pinschers are especially prone to a life-threatening heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, in which the heart becomes so large, thin, and weak that it can no longer effectively pump blood to the body. Neurological Disease A genetically linked neurological condition, known as wobbler disease or wobbler syndrome, causes a wobbly, drunken gait in affected pets.

Bloat Gastric dilatation volvulus, also known as GDV or bloat, usually occurs in dogs with deep, narrow chests. Bleeding Disorders There are several types of inherited bleeding disorders that occur in dogs. If the immune system destroys red blood cells, your dog quickly becomes anemic, weak, and lethargic. His gums will look whitish or yellow instead of a normal bright pink color. Sometimes an emergency transfusion of red blood cells or platelets is needed. Liver Problems Your Doberman Pinscher is prone to a chronic liver disease called hepatitis, which can develop around middle age.

Some Doberman Pinschers can develop a liver disorder called copper hepatopathy.

Vital Stats:

This disease causes toxic levels of copper to build up in the liver, eventually leading to liver failure if not treated. Affected dogs usually show symptoms of jaundice yellow eyes, gums, and skin by about two to four years of age. Your pet should have liver testing early in life to screen for any abnormalities. Diabetes Diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease in dogs. Eye Problems Not many things have as dramatic an impact on your dog's quality of life as the proper functioning of his eyes.

Kidney Disease Glomerulonephropathy is an inherited disease that slowly damages your Doberman Pinscher's kidneys, causing them to fail, often at an early age. Bone and Joint Problems A number of different musculoskeletal problems have been reported in Doberman Pinschers. The disease is caused when the jelly-like cushion between one or more vertebrae slips or ruptures, causing the disc to press on the spinal cord.

If your dog is suddenly unable or unwilling to jump or go up stairs, is reluctant to move around, has a hunched back, cries out, or refuses to eat or go potty, he is likely in severe pain.

He may even experience sudden paralysis—he may drag his back feet or be unable to get up or use his back legs. Call us or an emergency clinic immediately! For less severe cases, rest and medication may resolve the problem. And as with so many other diseases, weight control helps reduce the risk of IVDD. You should also provide ramps or steps for your pet from puppyhood on to prevent your dog from stressing his back by jumping on and off of the furniture. Growing Dobermans can suffer from a painful inflammation of the long bones in the legs called eosinophilic panosteitis, or pano or eo-pan for short.

It usually starts around six to ten months of age and shifts from leg to leg. Panosteitis usually causes no permanent damage, but requires pain medication. If your dog has this condition and develops an abnormal gait to compensate for the sore leg s , rehabilitation exercises may be required. Many older dogs have arthritis, and bigger dogs tend to have more pain and disability than smaller ones. Dobermans are particularly prone to developing arthritis, but various treatments are available.

The earlier we begin treatment, the better the results.

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Good nutrition and proper exercise are also very important to help reduce bone and joint problems as your pet gets older. Cancer Cancer is a leading cause of death in older dogs. Multiple Skin Problems Your Dobie is susceptible to various kinds of skin infections and diseases. Demodex is a microscopic mite that lives in the hair follicles of all dogs.

In mild cases, pet owners may notice a few dry, irritated, hairless lesions.