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On all levels of your multidimensional being, you are connected by vibration and frequency to the sources of all life. However, this connection is interrupted, blocked or incomplete in some people, so that the signals of God can not be clearly received. At different levels of your multidimensional being, the solid, fine, and non-material cells are often in a state of irritation and can not thereby establish or maintain the connection to God. Injuries to the many incarnations have caused human consciousness to be hindered in its entire development.

The power to create was taken away, and the power of living creation of light and blessed manifestations remained restricted. Through the severing and stopping of different cellular connections, you are to this day still beings, which can only very limitedly participate in a divine experience or perceive God himself. More and more people have recognized what they have withheld, and they have begun to return to the original creative power.

Through meditation and through healing and transformation work, more and more people are coming closer and closer to their awakening experience. The activation of disused cells, the repair of different connection lines and strands of your multidimensional nature have occupied great space in all cures over the past decades.

This is accompanied by the full functional capacity of the pineal gland. Once that is achieved, enlightenment occurs instantly, and the confession of God is given. Today we want to further this process and enrich with new potentials for your awakening. Still, and this is a widespread fact, most people who take every effort to promote or speed up their awareness processes have not recognized or completely eradicated significant blockages or injuries at the cellular level. This circumstance we now want to deal with effectively with the light of your heavenly siblings.

It is the day when further connections from your cells to the cosmic consciousness perceived by the pineal gland are repaired. It is the day when you gradually transform from a rational to an intuitive being and empower you to an intuitive perception of all life. Today is the day when you create the conditions to recognize your orders intuitively and without the intermediary mind; Unrest and uncertainty fade away, clarity and orientation occur. For this, the angels of heaven and the powers of light, the archangels and the masters, have entered this space, and they fill it with their light.

Every human being works in a very individual way and proceeds in a very specific way. No man is like another, and no healing is like another. So I invite you to sit back and relax in your armchairs and close your eyes.

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Try your families from the light to perceive. You are here now …. Everything else happens by itself. For where a heart is open, God can be set down by itself; And where the will to healing is present, healing is given by itself. Grace is earned by opening oneself to God and the Divine, not by wishing to bring them into life through prayers or intercessions. A heart closed to the divine light, a man who is unresponsive to the Divine, who wants to reach God through prayer, must experience great disappointments, for no prayer can establish a closeness for which the heart is not prepared.

Likewise, there is no meditation that could bring about a change in consciousness, so the meditator is not a lover, a god-loving and a man-loving. From the heart all miracles happen, which will do justice to a multidimensional being that you are.

Did you know that every essential part of you, every energy body, has its own heart associated with it? There are many hearts in you, and they are all open to the light; And all these hearts are now touched by the light in this healing and captured by the love of God. These restoration measures aim to connect you directly to the cosmic energy of God in the foreseeable future. Then begins a new life and a new quality of knowledge and awareness can be retrieved. The path to enlightenment is only a short and life in ignorance is a temporary and for all.

ZELLENHEILUNG & AKTIVIERUNG – Cell Healing and Activation- Chamuel ( 1 & 2)

Cellular strings are restored and connected as far as possible with individual readiness. Injuries from the old days, which until now have fallen undetected in your essence, are now overpowered and dissolved. The gentle connection to the sources of all life can now happen, and your open heart is the best preparation for it. Different light qualities and vibration frequencies work simultaneously on your being. The Archangels and the Ascended Masters supervise this process and accompany it. Everything is considered, everything is entrusted to the care of God …. So let you fall into this ocean of light ….

The process of cellular resurrection takes place now and here in you …. Beloved man, today the whole man is needed, so that the earth can be cured holistically. Incomplete cognition work is not enough today to heal a deeply diseased humanity and bring a earth wounded in deepest soul back into the original vitality. The angels, who decided to enter this earth as human beings before aeons, took over the responsibility to treat this earth with love and respect, with respect and care.

Kreuzfährten: Wahrheit statt Mehrheit | CREDO UT INTELLEGAM

There is no power in being capable of destroying this earth, even though some forces have long been aiming at it and many people follow this trail of doom. Thus the people who have maltreated this planet in different ways over thousands of years are now at a point where the awakening begins. Is that you support them in their plan to evict and evade all evil. The awakening people took over this job and every person who joins this project, is part of this great healing and this epochal process.

Gottes unverdiente Gnade - Carl Olof Rosenius

But how can you this earth best in this endeavor to shake off all the evil that support? What you do for you, you do for all men and for the earth. The soul of the earth is wounded, just as your souls are wounded. The heart of the earth is hurt as your hearts are hurt.

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The earth is in a critical state on all levels, which can be lifted only by being able to be cured by freeing itself of every destructive vibration. You can promote this by your high natural vibrancy. For what the living planet Earth has hitherto lacked to shake off all ballast is a sufficient amount of light-filled and loving people. A defect that is remedied at this time, because more and more people are re-directing their lives. A global movement of seekers for happiness is emerging. Be confident, remain confident, for things are not as they seem;And you are part of this movement, part of this awareness, part of this change that captures all and everything.

The cures that are now underway so you can take and hold your position in this great game are demanding, and so you can now have different physical symptoms, such as dizziness, slight nausea, unusual warmth or cold sensation, trembling Limbs or fatigue.

Gottes freie Gnade und die Verantwortung des Menschen German Edition - Download Halfr

These are transient symptoms that indicate that something is happening and changing in you. Take it, turn your attention to regular breathing;And what can happen now may happen. Now that you ask yourself, how can I achieve this goal? Look back and realize that you walked this way a long time ago and that the first results are visible. Looking back? Looking back at the past year? What has become of you since? How has your consciousness increased since then? What has happened to you since then, so that you are a different man today? Now, realize what you have already achieved, and what path of transformation you have already measured.

Do you recognize yourself when you look back over the past weeks, months and years? All of this is the result of your transformation work so far and we are continuing to do so quickly through our presence today.

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  • The view back is always necessary, if you are dissatisfied with you and with your development haderst. Whenever you think you are far from the divine, look back and recognize the light that brings you closer to what is still to be acquired. In retrospect of the events, the present is more easily attributed. Look back now!