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Ultimately, Alistair committed suicide after killing Dolly in order to prevent her from injuring anyone else. Desmond and Celia recognise the sadness of the true events, but now knowing the facts are able to face a future together.

Gli elefanti hanno buona memoria

Maurice Richardson in The Observer of November 5, said, "A quiet but consistently interesting whodunnit with ingenious monozygotic solution. Any young elephant would be proud to have written it. Robert Barnard: "Another murder-in-the-past case, with nobody able to remember anything clearly, including, alas, the author.

At one time we are told that General Ravenscroft and his wife the dead pair were respectively sixty and thirty-five; later we are told he had fallen in love with his wife's twin sister 'as a young man'. Acres of meandering conversations, hundreds of speeches beginning with 'Well, …' That sort of thing may happen in life, but one doesn't want to read it. Elephants Can Remember has been criticized as of lower quality than the bulk of Christie's output.

According to The Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English , this novel is one of the "execrable last novels" where Christie "loses her grip altogether".

Elephants Can Remember was cited in a study done in using computer science to compare Christie's earlier works to her later ones. The sharp drops in vocabulary size and increases in repeated phrases and indefinite nouns suggested Christie may have been suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

The subject of the book being about memory may be another clue. It was broadcast on ITV on 9 June The adaptation is generally faithful to the novel, except in a few instances.

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Instead of immediately helping Mrs Oliver with the Ravenscroft case, Poirot instead chooses to investigate the murder of Dr Willoughby's father, which is a subplot that is not in the novel; as a consequence, Dr Willoughby's character is greatly expanded. When Poirot realizes that Dr Willoughby and his institute have a connection to the Ravenscrofts, Poirot decides to solve both mysteries.

This subplot also includes an original character named Marie McDermott, an Irish-American girl who works as Dr Willoughby's filing clerk and turns out to be his mistress. The character is ultimately revealed to be Dorothea Jarrow's daughter, who is avenging her mother for the cruel hydrotherapy treatments she experienced at the hands of Professor Willoughby, and also for her mother's murder as she was at Overcliffe on the day of the tragedy and overheard General Ravenscroft make his plans by trying to kill both Celia and Desmond.

Also, in keeping with the other episodes, the story is moved from the early s to the late s. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Ten years ago, Oliver's close school friend, Margaret Ravenscroft, and her husband, General Alistair, were found dead near their manor house in Overcliffe. Both had been shot with a revolver found between their bodies, which bore only their fingerprints. The investigation into their deaths found it impossible to determine if it was a double suicide, or if one of them murdered the other and then committed suicide.

Their deaths left Celia and another of their children orphaned. Although initially put off by Mrs Burton-Cox's attitude, Mrs Oliver decides to resolve the issue after consulting with Celia, and invites her friend Hercule Poirot to solve the disquieting puzzle. Meeting with a number of elderly witnesses associated with the case, whom the pair dub "elephants", along with researching the case further, the pair make note of a few significant facts: Margaret was in possession of four wigs; the Ravenscroft's dog was devoted to the family, but bit Margaret a few days before her death; Margaret had an identical twin sister Dorothea, who had spent time in a number of psychiatric nursing homes, and was believed to have been involved in two violent incidents in Asia, including the drowning of her infant son after the death of her husband; a month before the couple died, Dorothea had been sleep-walking and died after falling off a cliff.

Poirot soon turns his attention to the Burton-Cox family, and towards Desmond's birth, as Mrs Burton-Cox is his adoptive mother; Desmond knows he is adopted but doesn't know any details about his birth mother. Through his agent Mr Goby, Poirot learns that Desmond is the illegitimate son of deceased actress Kathleen Fenn, a woman who had conducted an affair with Mrs Burton-Cox's husband.

Unbeknown to Desmond, Fenn bequeathed a considerable personal fortune to him, held in trust until he was of age or had married, and which would go to his adoptive mother should he die. Poirot suspects Mrs Burton-Cox desired to prevent the marriage between Desmond and Celia, through having the deaths of Celia's parents investigated, in order to obtain the use of the money, but he finds no suggestion that Mrs Burton-Cox wishes to kill her son.

Poirot reveals to the pair that the woman that died with Alistair was not his wife, but Dorothea. A month earlier, she fatally injured Margaret as part of a psychotic episode. Before Margaret died, she made her husband promise to protect her sister from arrest. While she fooled the Ravenscrofts' servants, the family dog couldn't be deceived as it could distinguish between the sisters, and thus bit her. Malattia infettiva provocata da germi o tossine nel sangue.

Formazione patologica benigna. Dolore nel collo. Ostruzione patologica della normale circolazione del sangue. Modello la nuca La nuca si trova tra la base e la volta del cranio. Traduci in italiano o in inglese, secondo il caso. Sai quali sono i cibi che possono far bene o male alla salute? Indica se le affermazioni sono vere V o false F. Discuti le tue risposte in classe.

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Chi ha il diabete. Indica se le seguenti affermazioni sono vere V o false F.

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I barbiturici si usano per i raffreddori. Il chirurgo estetico si occupa di malattie veneree. Il farmacista prepara medicinali. Le aspirine si prendono per il mal di testa. Put these drops in your eye every evening. Take your temperature regularly.

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Then come in for a checkup next week. You must take your medicine, even if it is penicillin. All pharmaceuticals must be taken according to prescription. My doctor prescribed an injection. What was her prognosis? Do you know how to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? She had plastic surgery recently. Does he wear a hearing aid? He broke his leg a week ago. Alexander will study pediatrics when he goes to university. Quali sono le parole? Diventano rosse quando si sente vergogna o grande emozione.

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Possono essere rossi, biondi o castani. Text work 3. Parte della testa tra gli occhi e i capelli. Si leccano quando si mangia una cosa veramente buona o saporita. Sono gli organi della vista. Che cosa simboleggia la testa per il poeta? Come si potrebbe parafrasare questa poesia in prosa? Ma a questo punto si fece largo il medico del quartiere, con la borsa degli strumenti. Sono dottore in economia e commercio.

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Non diversamente si comportano, pare, gli impiegati, i commessi viaggiatori, gli uscieri delle Case farmaceutiche di prestigio. Che ne pensi dei dottori dilettanti? Ce ne sono nella tua famiglia? Diversi gruppi di studenti dovranno mettere in scena la seguente situazione.