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blazpoztbloodluthe.tk Samuel Johnson. Daniel Defoe. Thoughts on Various Subjects. Jonathan Swift. Heaven - Its Hope. But the message made me think. It was a fine idea, but a difficult one to implement. We felt most readers would have difficulty with a technical representation of the sounds — a phonetic transcription. I remember Ben telling me that phonetic transcription was not routinely a part of actor training. It was not immediately obvious how to get round this problem. And then, indeed, there was a great deal of uncertainty about EME pronunciation.

Previous attempts at OP had always been a mixture of old and new — old segments with a modern intonation superimposed. A new attempt could be no different. As far as a seminar was concerned, I was anxious to point out to Debs what she was letting herself in for.

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These people can spend many happy hours debating whether a vowel was pronounced a little bit further forward or further back in the mouth, and discussing which part of the tongue was involved in the production of a particular consonant. Compared with historical phonology arguments, political rows in the House of Commons seem mild indeed.

It would not be easy, I felt, to obtain a meeting of minds between phoneticians, concerned with minute matters of articulation, and theatre people, concerned with general effects. It would be very important to define a clear set of aims for such a seminar. I did not know how long it would take actors to master the style of pronunciation, but they would surely have had to start rehearsals by 14 PROPOSAL then? There would be dramaturgical issues, which the director would want to address. The best role of a seminar, I thought, was one where scholars would combine their ideas as to what was known about EME pronunciation, so that the best possible transcription could be made.

But that would require a seminar early in — well before rehearsals started, and allowing time to get the transcription written. It was probably out of the question. I doubted whether the specialists I knew who worked in this area would be able to attend a symposium called at such short notice. It would have to be at the beginning of January, before university term began. That was a fortnight away.

From Pidgin to Creole

I emailed a couple of colleagues, just to see. As I thought, no chance. How, then, would the Globe get hold of a transcription? Perhaps they already had a version from someone. I had never heard of such a thing, and certainly not for this particular play, but what did I know? Maybe John Barton, or someone else who had investigated OP in the past, had been involved.

So, as a bit of an afterthought, I added a last paragraph to my e-reply to Debs.

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